What to look out for
  • Card safety

    • Sign the back of your card as soon as you receive it.
    • Never allow anyone to use your card or PIN
    • Never let your card out of your sight when paying.
    • Never write your PIN down – memorise it and destroy your PIN mailer immediately.
    • You will receive a one-time password when you make an online purchase.    
  • Credit sense

    • Be committed to paying all your monthly financial obligations, including credit cards.
    • Only apply for additional loans if you know you can afford the monthly repayments.
    • Track your financial standing by creating a monthly budget detailing your monthly income and expenditure.
    • Use your budget to identify areas where you can reduce spending.
    • Determine your net worth using the calculation: Total assets – Total liabilities = Net worth.
      -Total assets: Combine all your money from your savings or cheque accounts, trust funds, property value, car value, stock value, etc.
      -Total liabilities: Combine all your debts such as home mortgage, credit card balance.
    • Your goal is to have a positive net worth value at all times and it should be increasing as time goes by.

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