We are here to protect you from fraud

From authentication and verification methods to multiple firewalls and biometrics, we work hard to keep your money and identity secure. But we’re also here to help if fraudsters try to get the better of you.

Criminals can try trick you into sharing sensitive information, make you think that your accounts have been blocked or hacked, or fool you at an ATM.  Learn about the different scams and tricks being used, report suspicious or unusual activities immediately, and keep your money safe. 

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Fraud and scams Absa's security

Top fraud tips

  1. Shop safely online. Be wary of any business that asks you to pay for online purchases using prepaid debit cards, gift cards, wire transfers or other payment forms that cannot be traced or undone.

  2. Avoid travel fraud. Be careful about suspicious online hotel booking sites, stick with licensed taxis (e.g. Uber) or a known ride-hailing service, protect the details about your airline miles and loyalty points and avoid "free Wi-Fi" hotspots while at the airport or relaxing elsewhere.

  3. Be aware of e-scams. If you are ever unsure whom an email is from, do not respond and avoid clicking on any links or attachments. When available, use the 'junk' or 'block' option to no longer receive messages from a particular sender. 

  4. Think before you click. Do not do secure work such as online banking, accessing work documents or work emails on unsecure public Wi-Fi networks. Check to make sure the lock symbol is next to the Wi-Fi network before going on to the network to do secure work.

  5. Watch out for an advance-fee scam. For example, you could suddenly receive an email or text message stating that you have won a lottery jackpot or that you have inherited a large sum of money, and you are requested to make a payment for “taxes” and “administration” for the funds to be released. 


Tips for carrying cash

  1. Carry as little cash as possible.
  2. Pay your accounts electronically.
  3. Make use of the Absa Mobile Banking App.
  4. Make use of internet transfers or ATMs.
  1. Alternate the days and times you deposit cash.
  2. Never make your bank visits public. Don’t openly display your money in the bank queue.
  3. Avoid carrying money bags or openly displaying deposit receipt books.
  4. Visit different branches to ensure your banking pattern is not recognisable.
  5. Consider a cash management service.
  6. Don’t pay wages in view of the public.
  7. Don’t use a company-branded vehicle to go to the bank.
  8. Use an electronic alternative to pay wages.
Savings clubs:
  1. Don’t make cash deposits on high-risk days.
  2. Let someone accompany you when you deposit.
  3. Let members deposit funds directly into the account.
  4. Arrange electronic pay-outs to members’ bank accounts.
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