Be on the lookout for Absa Wakala near you. All Absa agents have been equipped with the necessary skills to provide basic banking services according to our standards.

We are constantly looking for local businesses to join our network of Absa Wakala and help serve our customers conveniently.

  • Benefits

    • Convenience: Increased Absa presence across the country for customers to use 7 days a week
    • Extended banking hours: agents are open beyond normal banking hours, giving you more time to conclude your transactions
    • Low cost of transacting: Transacting through agents offers lower charges than when transacting at the branch
    • Ease of use: You can use your card to withdraw money at an Absa agent
  • What you can do

    • Make card-based withdrawals
    • Make cardless deposits
    • Make card-based deposits
    • Receive card-based mini statements
    • Make a card-based balance enquiry
    • Complete card-based funds transfers (Absa to Absa)
  • Find agents near you

  • Benefits

    Benefits of becoming an Absa Wakala
    • New revenue stream: you will be paid a commission by the bank for every Absa Agent service you facilitate
    • Increased customer footprints – more people will come to your premises since they know that they will be able to purchase goods at your shop as well as do their banking transactions
    • Enjoy goodwill and society confidence in you with the prestige of being associated with the Absa brand
    • Good relationship with Absa Bank
    • Training in business skills – agents are trained in financial literacy and money matters frequently by the bank’s trained staff
    • Better cash management - You will visit the bank less frequently since you will have a more regular flow of money at your establishment
  • Examples

    Examples of agent banking entities
    • Supermarkets
    • Stationeries
    • Hardware shops
    • Small medium wholesale shops
    • Tuck shops
    • General dealers
  • Requirements

    Prerequisites for becoming an Absa Wakala
    • Having operated a lawful commercial or noncommercial activity for at least one month of operations as a minimum preceding the date of application to become an Agent and such commercial activity must be ongoing
    • Having adequate and secure premises for conducting the service
    • You must not be classified as a non-performing borrower by any banking institution (in the past and present) and that status must be maintained for the duration of the agency agreement
    • Registered companies must have valid business registration documents
    • You must be a licensed business with valid business license
    • You must have operated a bank account for at least 6 months (not necessarily an Absa Bank account)
    • You must have a physical address
  • Prohibited

    Prohibited Absa Wakala activities/services
    • Operate when the system is down
    • Charge any fees directly to the customers
    • Accept, issue or otherwise deal in cheque transactions
    • Deal in foreign exchange
    • Sub-contract agent banking business
    • Use another location for agent business
    • Continue to offer agency banking services when there is a proven criminal record
    • Continue to offer agency banking services after contract termination
    • Offer guarantee to bank clients
    • Offer banking services that are prohibited under the regulations
    • Distribute ATM cards/PINs
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