We have the know-how to manage your account services and
help cover you against liquidity management risks. 

Account Services

Let us take work off your hands by managing your account services.

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Liquidity Management

Our accounts and services will help cover you against liquidity management risks.

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We’ll help you lighten your paperwork

  • Bank statement reporting – statements and balances

    Get you statements and balances in paper format from the branch at various frequencies (daily, weekly or monthly) or electronically via internet banking.

  • Bank statement reporting – SWIFT

    We offer you the following:

    • MT940 Customer Statement Message
      You receive a previous-day information message, which contains the opening balance, all transactions and the closing balance. This SWIFT MT940 message may also be received, viewed and exported via the local internet banking service.
    • MT942 Interim Transaction Report
      This is an 'intra-day' information message, which contains recent transactions.
  • Account solutions

    • Alliance solutions – for global development organisations
    • Assurance solution: insurance, financial institutions and non-bank financial institutions
    • Diplomatic/Embassy accounts

Let us help with liquidity management

  • Call Deposit Account – call account

    This is an interest-earning bank deposit account available in local currency and a range of foreign currencies.

    Deposits are typically placed or redeemed prior to a cut-off time specified by Absa, enabling you to earn a higher rate of interest.

  • Fixed Deposit Account

    It is an interest-bearing bank deposit available in both the local currency and a range of foreign currencies.

    The deposit will be redeemed after a fixed term, e.g. 30, 60 or 90 days. The longer the fixed term, the higher the rate of interest paid.

  • Auto sweep

    With this service, balances of one or more of your accounts are swept automatically by the bank, in line with the pre-agreed parameters.

    Funds can be swept into an investment option, such as a deposit account or other interest-bearing current account.

    The investment option and your account are both maintained domestically.

  • Auto cover

    This is a convenient and easy method of covering cheques or payments as they are presented into your transaction account for payment.

    When the amount of a cheque or payment presented to your account exceeds the available balance in the account or has the effect of taking the account balance below the agreed threshold, the auto cover funds are swept in from the call account. The current account balance then goes back to the set threshold.

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