Our friendly chatbot is powered by AI and designed to assist you with your banking needs and questions from anywhere and at any time. You can easily find Absa Bot in the bottom right corner of our website landing page and start chatting today.

How do I get started with Absa Bot?
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Absa Bot can assist you with simple banking questions 24/7. Here are some ways Absa Bot can help you today.

Services & processes

Absa Bot can tell you which services require a branch visit and which can be completed over the phone, or via internet banking or mobile app.

The Bot can help answer your most commonly asked questions, such as what to do if you lose your credit card or if you need to update your address

Product info & how to

Absa Bot can help answer your most commonly asked questions, such as how to access mobile wallet.    

Watch this space!

Absa Bot is learning and improving with every interaction to create new capabilities and features for a great customer experience.  

  • What is Absa Bot?

    Absa Bot is a conversational platform powered by artificial-intelligence (AI) to attract, engage and support customers with instant, contextual and personalised communication.

    Our goal is to provide an instant self-service channel to customers that will change the way they interact with the bank over time.

    Absa Bot is continuously learning, and in the near future, will be able to assist with account related questions and requests.

  • How does Absa Bot work?

    Absa Bot is powered by artificial intelligence (AI technology) and also has machine-learning capabilities.

    This means the more you interact with Absa Bot, the more it can learn, and the better it will be able to help you in future.

  • How do I talk to Absa Bot?

    Simply click on the Absa Bot icon on our website, accept the terms and conditions, and start chatting with Absa Bot in English. Feel free to ask Absa Bot any banking question via text chat!

  • Will Absa Bot ask me for my personal information?

    Because your safety and privacy is important to us, we made sure that Absa Bot is a secure platform. Absa Bot will never ask you for any personal information, such as account number, passwords or PINs.

  • How can I chat to Absa Bot on WhatsApp?

    It’s easy! 

    All you do, is save our WhatsApp number +255 743 254 244 as Absa Bot and just say hello to start chatting with your own virtual assistant.    

  • How do I speak to a live customer service representative at Absa?

    Please contact our call centre on +255 (0) 774 700 703 or +255 (0) 774 700 708 to speak to one of our friendly agents. 

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