This account is available in all major currencies and you pay no maintenance fees. 

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What you can expect
  • What you get

    • Account available in major currencies
    • No maintenance fees
    • Digital banking services
  • What you need to know

    • We offer commercial Foreign Currency Current Accounts in US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Swiss franc (CHF) and British pound sterling (GBP).
    • These accounts feature no maintenance fee and may be linked to a cheque book.
    • There are no minimum balances on the account.
    • No interest is paid on the credit balance.
    • A penalty charge is applicable on unauthorised overdrawn balances.
  • What to bring when you apply

    You need to set up an appointment with the nearest relationship manager and provide us with the following documents if you don’t have an existing Commercial Current Account with us:

    • Your business registration documents*
    • Business licence certificate if applicable to your business type
    • A documentary proof of business address
    • ID documents (passport, voter’s ID, driver’s licence or national ID for Zanzibar only)
    • A documentary proof of address (not more than three months old) such as a utility bill for proprietor, partners, shareholders and/or directors

    *Such as business name registration certificate (in case of sole traders or partnerships), or company registration certificate and other company formation documents such as memorandum and articles of association (in case of companies)    

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