Managing company expenses is as important as growing revenue and an
Absa Company Credit Card helps you keep track of all expenditure.

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A company credit card is
accepted worldwide.    


Get up to 56 days to pay
– interest free.    

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Receive free SMS alerts whenever the card is used.    

What you can expect
  • What you get

    • Improved cash flow
    • More control over spending limits
    • Facilitated payments that virtually reduces the number of processed invoices
    • More time to analyse your spend and make better-informed cost decisions
    • Improved security whenever you transact
    • EMV chip enabled
    • PIN verification
    • Free monthly eStatements
    • Flexible limit allocation – company controlled
    • Online shopping capability
    • Worldwide acceptance
  • Requirements to open a Company Credit Card

    The following are common requirements for sole proprietors, partnerships and limited companies:

    • Business licence
    • Two passport photos
    • TIN/VAT certificate and letter of introduction
    • Address verification document (e.g. utility bills or title deed)
    • ID documents (passport, voter’s ID, driver’s licence or national ID for Zanzibar only)

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